Our CERFF, QUALICOAT and QUALANOD certifications guarantee the manufacturing processes and the finish quality of our office partitioning systems. The acoustic performance of our solutions is certified by tests carried out by accredited laboratories in accordance with the NF EN ISO 717-1 standard.

The design and performance of our partitions are subject to quality controls by the CEBTP consulting organization and are confirmed by our CERFF certificates.


The design and performance of our demountable partition systems are subject to quality controls by the CERFF Association. Among other missions, this group of expert companies is dedicated to draft minimum performance criteria and specifications that will be checked during quality audits.

Moreover, tests carried out by the CEBTP "envelope products" laboratory certify the conformance of our systems with the French standard NF DTU 35.1 technical requirements.

Our company is involved in the actions and development of the CERFF, and our Technical Director is currently its President.

For more information, see the CERFF website.


As a member of the Partitions Section of the SNFA, a professional organization representing designers and manufacturers of aluminium joinery, we contribute actively to the development of standards, regulations and technical innovations in our profession.

This participation keeps us fully informed of the technical and regulatory aspects of the partition market, which is a guarantee for customers that our information and specifications are reliable.

At ABCD International, we view quality as a fundamental pillar of our business.

Our adoption of best industry practices in all manufacturing processes, our unrelenting quest for excellence, and our customer care are things that we prize.

For us, quality is a reality that translates into the daily application of best practices at every stage of manufacturing processes. All incoming and outgoing goods are inspected daily in all our departments to maintain top-level quality.


As recommended by the ISO 9001 standard, we have implemented tools to assess and reassess our suppliers.

For our partition profiles we select only ISO 9001 certified factories. ISO 9001 certification attests to the quality commitments of these factories and enables us to measure continuous performance improvements.

Proper selection of raw materials and control of all parameters involved in aluminium extrusion techniques, as required by international ISO 9001 certifications, guarantee the quality of our aluminium extruded profiles.


The QUALICOAT label concerns thermo-lacquered aluminium products.

Thermo-lacquering involves surface preparation, application of the lacquer (usually polyester powder) then oven-curing.

The lacquers used are subject to prior accreditation by QUALICOAT which verifies their resistance characteristics over time. The average thickness of the lacquer layer is at least 60 microns.

The label’s standards define the technical requirements, the inspections to be carried out and their frequency.

The main characteristics checked are :

- Anodic layer thickness ;  
- Conversion coating thickness ;  
- Rinsing quality ; 
- Lacquer layer thickness ;  
- Lacquer adhesion ;  
- Proper lacquer curing ;  
- Lacquer mechanical strength ;  
- Acetic salt spray resistance ;  
- Corrosion resistance ;  
- UV and outdoor exposure resistance (colour and gloss).


The QUALANOD label concerns anodized aluminium products.

Anodizing is a specific surface treatment for aluminium that consists in creating a uniform and highly resistant layer of aluminium oxide by electrolysis. This layer can be coloured or colourless. The layer thickness depends on the anodizing class chosen according to the expected exposure of the product. A 15-micron layer is usually applied for normal outdoor applications, a corrosive seaside atmosphere requires 20 microns, while a 5-micron layer is sufficient for protected indoor use.

The label’s standards define the technical requirements, the inspections to be carried out and their frequency.

The main characteristics checked are :

- Anodic layer thickness ;
- Sealing quality ;
- Abrasion resistance ;
- Anodizing layer strength ;
- Salt spray resistance.

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