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Plasterboard with Crêpelé White and Smooth White finishes is now held in stock.

Vinyl- or paper-faced plasterboard has many qualities that make it a practical choice for creating demountable partitions with joint-covers.

Standard plasterboard is available in fire-resistant (M0) and water-resistant qualities.

These boards can be faced with a magnetic steel sheet (M0 equivalent). Held in stock, they are pre-painted (White RAL 9010), with either raw-cut or finished edges.

Melamine-faced chipboard panels come in three colours: Blanc Megève B070 FA (white), Gris Orage G059 FA (grey), and Noir N005 FA (black). They can be used to create edge-to-edge partitions thanks to their 2mm PVC edge veneer, or used raw-cut with joint-covers.

Our suppliers’ ranges of vinyl, paper, melamine, laminate and lacquered steel sheet offer almost unlimited possibilities of finishes and colours.


Daylight is essential to life; no one can do without it. Beyond its prime function of transmitting light, the choice of glazing is important in office space design.

Technical criteria : clear, laminated, tempered, fire-rated.

Aesthetic criteria : sandblasted, frosted, graphic decorative and coloured film, etc

Frosted and sandblasted glass allows light to penetrate while reducing transparency to conserve the privacy of offices. Glass thickness determines the acoustic insulation.

Don’t hesitate to ask us about the many tests developed by ABCD International and certified by the Insulating Materials Certification Association (ACERMI).


ABCD International proposes its own range of laminated doors, covering a wide range of decors appreciated by architects and interior designers.

We can also provide other laminate finishes, including real wood and metal, along with a vast range of hardware: conventional handles and pull-handles in many finishes, stops, lock cylinders, etc.

To complete its offer, ABCD International also proposes Clarit doors and 10 mm glass doors.


Noise pollution has become a major concern in the service sector. The problem requires in-depth research to identify effective, sustainable solutions. ABCD International has run tests on each of its partitioning systems to find the most appropriate sound insulation. We stock a wide range of products to meet the goals and constraints of your projects, including glass and rock wool, in panels or rolls.

We can also enhance acoustic insulation through addition of a viscoelastic mass.  Each thickness determines a level of sound attenuation to meet your needs. This system has undergone official acoustic tests by France's Scientific and Technical Centre for Building (CSTB).

As an alternative, ABCD International has also tested and approved steel sheets in several thicknesses for enhanced sound insulation.


The Italians have a centuries-old reputation as creative pioneers in the field of blinds. Venetian blinds are a fine example: their popularity lies in their ability to control sunshine and light.

Venetian blinds with 25 mm wide treated aluminium slats are available in 120 colours and 8 different finishes.

Horizontal or vertical blinds enrich office space in more ways than one. Venetian blinds are maintenance-free, very easy to operate and can be exploited to create separated or open spaces and to segment office areas by controlling the light.

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