Edge-to-edge partition


Opaque partition with edge-to-edge or gap-joint finish

Satine partitions are quality solutions for opaque edge-to-edge (or gap-joint) designs with melamine, laminate or steel sheet panels. Our Partition® 40 and 100 ranges are available in three variants :

- Satine edge-to-edge melamine without joint-covers is today’s most common choice for opaque office partitions.

- Satine Metal mounted edge-to-edge or with gap-joints is faced with a magnetized lacquered steel sheet. With its M0 panels, it complies with high-rise building specifications.

- Satine gap-joint is a stylish variant with a 8 mm recess (black or silver) between the panels, which can be embellished with black or silver patch fittings.

The assembly processes of these aluminium partitions, using panels faced with melamine (veneered edges) or steel sheets (finished edges), attest to our company’s innovative skills. With edge-to-edge assembly, this range can achieve sound attenuation up to 53 dB.

  • Edge-to-edge or gap-joint finish
  • Melamine, laminated or steel sheet panels
  • Up to 53 dB sound attenuation

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