Universel® 72 & 98

Fire-rated demountable partitions

The Universel® 72 and 98 ranges, with either opaque or glazed panels, represent our 30- and 60- minute fire-rated solutions (EI30 and EI60).

Resolutely affordable and with the modern style of all our demountable partitions, Universel® 72 and 98 are rated EI30 and EI60 for fire resistance.

Opaque partitions are made of ready-to-paint or vinyl-faced plasterboard.

Glazed sections are mounted in red exotic hardwood frames ready to be painted or aluminium-covered, and they can be integrated to our Universel® partitions or to a fire-rated drywall.

The door sets come with steel or wooden frames. The 40 mm laminated wooden doors are certified EI30.

  • Opaque and glazed partitions
  • PV EI30 et EI60
  • Cost-effective
  • Dismountable

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